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Check out Angus rocking his bright red Bumbo

Kylie and Angus reviewed our Bumbo Floor Seat. Here’s what they had to say…

 Angus loves sitting in his Bumbo when I’m feeding him. It’s really handy to keep an eye on him when I’m cooking dinner or hanging out the washing. Because it’s nice and lightweight I can carry it around or throw it in the car for when I go to friends or grandma’s house.

What we love?
The Bumbo is soft and comfy, it’s easy to carry and even when it’s covered in food, it wipes clean easily.

It feels really safe. The harness is strong and easy to use and the non-slip base grips itself to the surface so I don’t have to worry about it tipping over.

How does it save me money?
I’m feeding Angus in his Bumbo so I don’t need to buy a big expensive high chair.  It works well for babies who can hold their head but also for toddlers, so it will last ages.

Overall Opinion
We think all babies should use this product!  It’s so handy. The Bumbo Seat is a must for any family that has babies & young children. It is the most convenient seat you could ask for, perfect to take out and about with you and most importantly Angus loves it!

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