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Warm-Ease Heated Baby Belt Product Review

Our Warm-Ease Heated Baby Belt is helping Gage

One of our lovely mums, Rochelle volunteered to try out and review our new Warm Ease Heated Baby Belt.

Rochelle wanted to try this product to help her son, Gage. From 3 weeks of age Gage cried consistently for at least an hour each day, usually after feeding. Rochelle sought help from everywhere. She tried everything suggested and some things helped temporarily at certain times but nothing gave him constant relief.

Because Gage was growing well and reaching all of his mile stones, Rochelle felt the medical professionals were not overly concerned. Rochelle said she must have heard the phrase “Don’t worry, it will get better as he gets older” a million times. Although this may have been truthful it was no comfort to an exhausted parent.

Rochelle tried our Warm-Ease. Read what she had to say...

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