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Bubble Bum Inflatable Booster Seat gets a thorough review

Carseat Technician, Sandy loves the way Bubble Bum makes 3-along-the-backseat possible

Sandy Goodall, a trained Car Seat Technician, was struggling to fit ‘3-across-the-backseat’ in her car and wanted to try out our Bubble Bum with her nearly 7-year-old to see how versatile it is in compact spaces. Here’s Sandy’s review.

I've thoroughly tested out the Bubble Bum in all sorts of scenarios including using it in grandma’s car, a friend’s car, using it for 3 across the backseat and for different aged children. The Bubble Bum as ‘sooooo convenient’ for short trips when I don’t have time to move across our normal car seat.

The Bubble Bum is super-easy to inflate and I like the way it keeps the belt positioned correctly which is what a booster needs to do. At first, it took my daughter a little while to get the hang of putting the belt through the guides on the side, but after a few tries, she can now do it easily. The sash guide is a major benefit in making it fit correctly on the shoulder and often basic half boosters don’t offer this safety feature.