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Sadie and her new Bumbo Booster

Sadie and I were lucky enough to be given a Bumbo Booster Seat to review. This brightly coloured, solid, yet light seat is not flimsy at all and super-comfortable.  Sadie has been happy sitting on her new booster at the dining room table, sitting next to me in the office playing and we even took the booster with us while we had our nails painted.

What I love:

  • We love the soft, super comfortable foam.
  • The vibrant colour.
  • We especially love how the straps are able to be twisted and manipulated to make the fit of the seat easier and more comfortable on any chair.
  • It’s so light! And great to cart around in the car.


  • Having the booster means I don't have to purchase another high chair for my eldest. We have a small house, so no extra room! 
  • The movable connector points for the straps mean that it can fit almost any chair shape and size. 
  • Because it's 'easy clean' there is no need to use harsh chemicals, hence safer for use. 


The booster is portable and easy to use. With the movable connector points, it's adaptable with any chair and/or situation you find yourself in. Great alternative to a high chair and Sadie loves it! Thanks Bumbo.

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