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'Best Step Stool Ever"! Tracey and her gorgeous daughter tell us what they love about their Bumbo Step Stool

We asked Tracey and her gorgeous daughter to try out our Bumbo Step Stool. Check out what they had to say...
Product Review for Bumbo Step Stool
Who do you think would use this product?
Any age from 12 months (if walking) up to adults (who need an extra bit of height like me).
Which situations have you found this product most useful?
• Washing hands
• Cleaning teeth
• Getting on toilet
• Helping mum in the kitchen
• Helping mum hang out washing
• Anything slightly too high to reach
• Getting into bed
• Any household chore
What do you love most about this product?
• Non Slip Base
• It’s light weight and anyone can carry it
• Non slip base - doesn't slip on the lino in the bathroom
(like all the previous ones we have had)
• Size – it’s easy to store
• The Bright colour - suitable for anyone
How does this product help?
This helps my daughter a lot, as she can reach the soap, toothpaste and taps in bathroom, making it so much easier for her to wash hands/clean teeth without my help, and yelling “mum mum mum” .
How is this product easy to use?
Very easy to use, my three year old can move it around herself. It’s light weight and a good size.
How does this product save you money/time/housework?
This saves me time, now my daughter can be more independent in the bathroom and I can continue with my jobs without stopping.
How is this product superior to its competitors?
• Total thumbs up to the design, and the non-slip base.
• Other products do not have non slip bases - so a winner in my book!!
How could the product be improved?
Perfect the way it is.
I wish I had this step stool 4 years ago!! Best step stool we have ever used, light weight, good size, anyone can use, and the non-slip base makes my life so much easier. My kids can now be independent, doing tasks, without me worrying that they will slip and end up on the floor.
Cheers - Tracey

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