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Ewan the Dream Sheep

Ewan the Dream Sheep

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Ewan the dream sheep is a soft, cuddly sleep aid like no other...


If you feel like those sleepless nights will never end, meet Ewan the Dream Sheep.

With a selection of soothing, womb-like sounds Ewan has a remarkable calming effect on an unsettled baby AND a calm baby means more sleep for you!

Ewan, the AWARD-WINNING Dream Sheep with his calming pink glow, and selection of womb and heartbeat sounds, helps babies and toddlers drift into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Why is Ewan so special?

Ewan helps soothe a crying baby to sleep. Pop your baby into his cot and turn on Ewan's magic. 

Ewan the Dream Sheep plays real recordings of womb and heartbeat sounds which are soothing and calming sounds for a baby. With his calming pink glow, and selection of womb and heartbeat sounds, he helps babies and toddlers drift into a restful, peaceful sleep.

A perfect sleep aid for your own baby or a precious gift for a family member or friend.

Ewan's Special Features:

  • Designed to mimic the sound the baby hears inside the womb
  • Plays 4 different soothing sounds including heartbeat and womb, heartbeat and vacuum cleaner, heartbeat and harp music, heartbeat and rain
  • The sounds, which play for 20 minutes, are all recorded at the low base frequency the baby can predominantly hear when in the womb
  • Ewan doubles as a nightlight with a soft pink comforting glow
  • Attaches securely to the cot, buggy or car seat with his fluffy Velcro tail
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Award winning product in the UK - Baby & Mother Awards SILVER MEDAL 2021
  • Perfect baby shower gift or newborn gift
  • Suitable from birth
  • Timer 20 minutes



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sue Hague
Lovely Ewan

I am in the UK but my daughter and her family are in NZ. When my granddaughter was she had one of these and at 5 still goes to bed with it so now her brother or sister is due I bought another one. Was a very quick delivery sure the baby will like it.

Best gift

My bestie bought Ewan for us and it has honestly been the best gift we got. As a FTM we didn’t know how to settle baby. Every time we put him down he started crying. With Ewan he grizzled a little then fell fast asleep. So great.

We got our nights back!

We were gifted Ewan when my son was born and he really helped with settling & calming my son on the nights we were really struggling. My son is now 4 and still likes cuddling Ewan in bed even though he doesn’t need his calming powers anymore. Great product, definitely recommend.

Nicola Wafer
We got our nights back!

We got gifted Ewan when my son was born and he was a god send. On the nights we were struggling Ewan really helped to calm and settle our son. My son is now 4 years old and he still likes to take Ewan to bed with him even though he no longer needs his calming powers. Great product, definitely recommend.

We love Ewan !

My bestie bought us Ewan when I was about to have my first bubba. I didn't realise at the time what a lifesaver he was going to be. We were exhausted holding and rocking our wee man to sleep every night and when we'd place him in his bassinette he'd start crying and we'd have to start all over again. We decided to give Ewan a try and after a short time of a little grissling, our wee guy settled. Now we use Ewan every night and at every nap. Totally recommend Ewan to all my new mum friends.

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