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Calm-a White Noise Machine

Calm-a White Noise Machine

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….six gentle, comforting sounds to soothe baby to sleep

NEW Continuous Play version

Babies love white noise. They're used to it. Before making their entrance into the world, babies are surrounded by the reassuring hum of human life...your beating heart, the sound of the blood rushing around your body, the rhythmic in and out of your breath creates a comforting sound.

Once born, your little one suddenly finds himself in a world of unfamiliar noises or silence, leaving him feeling vulnerable and alone. No wonder your baby isn't sleeping.

How Calm-a helps:

Calm-a creates a reassuring, womb-like atmosphere that soothes your restless baby. encouraging him to settle and fall asleep faster. The familiar sound selections on Calm-a provide comfort and familiarity, drowning the outside world during vulnerable phases of sleep.

What makes Calm-a unique?

  • Six gentle sound selections to suit your baby - fetal heartbeat, white noise, rain, lullaby, shush and ocean
  • NEW Continuous Play - turn it on and it continues to play until you turn it off
  • Lightweight and Portable - attaches to a cot, bassinet, stroller or car seat using the handy clip provided.
  • Easy to use dial operation - in a world full of complicated devices, Calm-a is super easy to use...simply turn the dial.
  • Adjust the volume based on what works best for your baby.
  • USB-chargeable - no need for batteries.

    The Specs:

    • Powered: USB chargeable (charger cable supplied)
    • Sound settings: six different sound settings
    • Size: 10 cm high
    • Colour: white/grey
    • Brand: MOOSE
    • Instructions provided
    • Six month warranty
    • Based on customer feedback, this new version of our Calm-a plays continuously until you turn it off.  The automatic 'turn-off' and cry-sensor has been removed from our new version. 

    Learn more about Calm-a including listening to the sounds it plays:


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 16 reviews
      Tracey Taylor
      Easy to use

      I bought two of these one for my house and one for my daughter who has a two year old and a baby on the way. The two year old goes to sleep very quickly when this is on so we thought it would be great for the baby as well. Very easy to use, lots of different sounds and very portable.

      Sleeping baby

      Easy to use, small and portable, variety of different sounds
      Highly recommend

      Julie Kilbride
      Convenient and useful product

      Fantastic for on the go naps and travelling, as it is compact and clips onto the pram or travel cot. I like that it is continuous noise so it stays on for the whole nap. We use the shh and white noise functions most.

      Mariam Young
      Useful sleep aid

      Very happy with the Calm-a white noise machine. Small size, portable and rechargeable which is all great. We keep it on during naps and it helps our baby stay asleep and go back to sleep more easily if he stirs or wakes. So far the shush and lullaby settings work for him, the twist function to select mode and change volume is very easy to use.

      Really great

      This noise machine is simple to use and operate. you don't need to spend heaps on a white noise machine that basically does the same thing as this one. good value for money and I take it wherever we go so i like that its portable.

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