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Buzzy4Shots Healthcare Pain Relief Device

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Buzzy4Shots ... for pain & distraction during medical procedures

BUZZY is a small vibrating device designed to help block sharp pain and provide distraction during medical procedures.

A cooling pad (ice-wings) is placed behind Buzzy, and Buzzy is placed between the brain and the pain (usually on arms or hands). Turn Buzzy on and leave him in place during the procedure. Your attention is taken away from the needle and pain and focused on the cool, vibrating buzzy bee.

Buzzy confuses your body’s own nerves and distracts attention away from the pain, thereby dulling or eliminating sharp injection pain. In the same way that rubbing a bumped elbow helps, or cool running water soothes a burn.

The gate control theory is the basis for Buzzy. “Gate control” is the term used to describe pain relief by causing sensations other than pain, and then sending them down the same pathway where pain gets blocked at the “gate”. Sharp pain, itching, and burning are transmitted on the same nerve to a transmission system in the dorsal (sensory) horn of the spinal cord. Motion signals travel alongside pain fibers on Abeta nerves, as do temperature and pressure nerves (C fibers). A single summary signal is then transmitted up the spinal cord, thus excess vibration or cold can overwhelm or dilute the sharp pain from shots, itching, or burning from medications.



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    Buzzy is used in dozens of hospitals, healthcare facilities, general practices, clinics and in homes throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

    Our BUZZY Healthcare Kit is perfect for children & adults:

    - Hospitals (all departments)

    - Medical Practices/Doctor's Surgeries

    - Community Nurses


    - Emergency Departments

    - Immunisation Services

    Countless Uses for Buzzy including:

    - Blood draws and IV's

    - Vaccination Shots

    - Dialysis and Glucose Monitoring

    - Finger Sticks

    - Medical procedures (eg spinal taps)

    - Medication Injections


    Our Buzzy Healthcare Kit contains:

    - Vibrating BUZZY Bee (durable medical plastic surface allowing for hospital grade cleaners). Size 7.5cm x 5cm

    - 4 x reusable multi-patient slip on Blue Gel Ice Wings

    - Instructions

    - Batteries

    - To customise pain relief Healthcare Buzzy you can select between constant and intermittent vibration.


    What is the difference between HEALTHCARE and PERSONAL Buzzy?



    I work as pain management nurse in a children's hospital. I use Buzzy every day. It's great with shots, blood draws, lumbar punctures, and even bone marrow aspiration... Buzzy is fun and useful. I use it along with distraction cards…"  Anne T

    From shots to blood draws, he is always there to distract and soothe. I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist for Women and Children and brought a Buzzy for our unit. - Julie

    “I wanted to let you know that the buzzy device … has worked wonderfully. We have had patients who have been afraid of giving themselves shots be amazed at how well this works in relieving pain….- Tracey

    I love Buzzy for IV’s because it doesn’t constrict the veins down like cold spray but it gives the analgesic effect kids need. I don’t have 30 minutes to wait for LMX. - Hope

    Today I used Buzzy on myself with the frozen wings for an Imitrex shot. I HATE Imitrex bc it burns like fire. Buzzy made it 10x better. I actually laid in bed suffering for 4 hours with the migraine bc I hate the shot so bad. It’s not the needle. It’s the fire medicine. LOL. Buzzy is the bomb. - Sarah


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Peter Christie

    Bought this Buzzy Bee for our autistic son,it's been an amazing distraction for him especially when he’s in pain as he has a lot of physical problems. Peter

    Lissette Hayes

    Great purchase for imms. Recommended.

    Dr Frankie
    We love the buzzy bee!

    I’m a GP and I borrowed my clinic’s buzzy (which we got for COVID vaccinations), when my daughter (4) needed injections.
    It went so well we bought our own one. She needs fortnightly injections. She is anxious about them, but she repeats the routine and it all goes well - she dresses buzzy in the ice wings, straps it to her leg and turns it on, then we cuddle. when she’s ready, we do the injection quickly, then she gets a Lego minifig. She doesn’t feel the injections.
    Our only issue is it looks so cute our toddler tries to run off with it.


    One of the first things I was introduced to when I joined the Covid-19 Disability Response team at Wellington Hospital was the Buzzy4Shots bee. These Buzzies were game-changers for helping get a variety of people vaccinated who may have otherwise found it too upsetting: Buzzies have helped Autistic people, people with Down Syndrome and other learning disabilities, needle-phobic people, and those extra-sensitive to pain get their vaccinations. When we helped host disability-friendly vaccination events, every vaccination booth had access to a Buzzy4Shots bee and they were very much appreciated by both vaccinators and the public. An amazing product that I hope can help many more in the future!"

    Highly recommend

    Using Buzzy everyday for vaccinations. It’s very effective for younger patients but also adults who are fearful of needles. I’d highly recommend.

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