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Car Restraint Technician, Amanda, reviews our Bubble Bum

Amanda volunteered to review our popular Bubble Bum Car Booster Seat. Amanda is a local Car Restraint Technician Trainer Assessor so we value her feedback. If you’d like an in-depth review on the Bubble Bum, check out Amanda’s feedback.

1. What is the age of your child using the Bubble Bum?

Ava is 5 years 10 months and 29kg. The photos I've taken are in a Suzuki S Cross with a Britax Frontier Click Tight and generic booster. Neither are slim seats.

2. Tell us about the times you used the Bubble Bum

We used the Bubble Bum when we had three across the backseat of the car. We also used it as a spare for just 2 children in the back seat. We are a one child family and Dad and Aunty have permanent boosters in their cars. I've been wanting to buy a spare for my car when Ava has a friend over but haven't wanted to buy another bulky high backed seat or a wide half booster.

3. What do you think of the size, comfort, design and quality of the product?

The Bubble Bum is a good size. Ava is not small and she finds this seat comfortable. I love how small it can be when not in use. It seems well designed to keep the seat belt low on her thighs and having the height adjuster for the sash portion is essential for all children. Great quality too, the fabrics feel substantial.

4. How easy is the Bubble Bum to inflate, and fit your child into?

The booster is very easy to inflate. It’s also easy to use the lower guides and the height adjuster was not fiddly to lengthen or shorten.

5. Tell us what you think about the safety aspect of the car booster.

I was skeptical about how safe this seat would be and I still believe that a solid high backed booster is best practice for everyday or a long journey. Bubble Bum is marketed as a travel or spare booster, but if it was used regularly it would need to be checked routinely to ensure inflation was sufficient. Bubble Bum ensures correct belt placement when used, so it offers what most other half boosters provide. Several half boosters don't have a height adjuster for the sash portion of the belt, but Bubble Bum does offer this essential safety feature.

6. Tell us three things you particularly like about the Bubble Bum.

I like that the Bubble Bum is small for easy storage in my car when not being used. I can take another child unplanned which is great in emergency or last minute situations that may arise.

Bubble Bum sits low and will be great in our '67 LandRover which has a low back rest height. Also in our 2004 Chrysler Voyager which currently Ava sits quite high in. In her current booster her shoulder is coming above the height of the back of these seats and she still by law needs to use a booster another 2 years!

Another benefit is that in our Suzuki the buckle is under where the Bubble Bum sits, but because it is not rigid I could push it over to buckle in and it molded around this. If it didn't, then nothing would fit between two seats either side.  It was difficult to use in this situation but was literally the only thing that would allow 3 children in that scenario. There was no buckle crunching either due to the flexibility in the seat.

7.What would you like to see improved about the Bubble Bum?

I feel 18kg is a better entry weight limit for this seat (rather than 15kgs). Clearly, this product is marketed for short journeys and travel, and absolutely has a place in the market. Ordinarily I wouldn't suggest a half booster until 7 or 8 years of age, but Bubble Bum certainly has its place.

8. Would you recommend the Bubble Bum to others?

Yes. I would recommend Bubble Bum to families who wish to use it for short journeys, travel, 3 along the backseat or as a spare booster for friends.

Amanda Franklin
Local Car Restraint Technician Trainer Assessor

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