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Our Warm-Ease Heated Baby Belt is helping Gage

One of our lovely mums, Rochelle volunteered to try out and review our new Warm Ease Heated Baby Belt. Rochelle wanted to try this product to help her son, Gage. From 3 weeks of age, Gage cried consistently for at least an hour each day, usually after feeding. Rochelle sought help from everywhere. She tried everything suggested and some things helped temporarily at certain times but nothing gave him constant relief. Because Gage was growing well and reaching all of his milestones, Rochelle felt the medical professionals were not overly concerned. Rochelle said she must have heard the phrase “Don’t worry, it will get better as he gets older” a million times. Although this may have been truthful it was no comfort to an exhausted parent.

Here’s Rochelle’s feedback:

Why did you volunteer to try Warm-Ease?

I wanted to try this product to help with my son’s colic issues so our whole household could get a better, quality sleep.

My son has suffered with colic from 3 weeks old. Gage cried constantly for at least an hour (but generally much longer) at a time daily! This happened usually after feeding but it was not unusual for him to start crying out of nowhere for no specific reason. I tried multiple soothing techniques to help him through this: music, cuddles, talking, reading, rocking, walking, fresh air, holding him upright for 30 minutes after every feed and his pacifier. Though these did help at times, not one thing worked consistently every time. He was extremely restless, grizzly, irritable and generally unhappy which, as a mother breaks your heart.  I sought help from my midwife, Plunket nurse and GP. All advised me it was common, and he would grow out of it in time.  In their defence they did also teach me alternate breast feeding and bottle-feeding methods. Alternate burping methods and suggested Gripe water to help.

What do you think of the design and quality of the product?

I love the quality of this product! The Fox character design is gorgeous in its simplicity (large bold shapes and patterns for the eyes, nose and tail).  The material is soft, warm and comforting to the touch and I love, love the bright colours. 

How easy is Warm-Ease to use?

The product is very easy to use with simple straight forward instructions. The ease and firmness of the Velcro straps is great! I found this especially helpful as adjusting domes/buttons etc on clothing when you’re trying to soothe a crying baby can be extremely stressful and draining on both the parent and baby.

How has the Warm-Ease helped your baby?

The warm ease has helped my son immeasurably. I use it every day at various times (directly after feeding, when he wakes up when doing mat play) and have noticed less grizzling, improved bowel functioning, and a much happier mood in general from my baby. The change/ improvement in Gage has been noticed by friends and family members alike who have all commented on his much happier demeanor. He cries less now and we recently had a six-day stint where he slept right through the night.  I initially used it just after feeding to help relax his muscles and assist with gas and I noted improvement within half an hour. I had been using it 2-3 times a day for approximately 1 week when he started to sleep through the night.

How will you use your Warm-Ease in the future once your baby has grown?

I love the idea that the gel pack can also be cooled and I will use this to help soothe/ ease the inevitable minor burns, scrapes, bumps, and headaches for both my baby and his avid hockey-playing older brother!

My son is very fond of the Fox design and I anticipate using it as part of his cot bumper or like a blankie that he can sleep with (without the gel pack).

Would you recommend Warm-Ease to others?

100% recommend

5 stars

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