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Eden Co-Sleeper Crib (with two FREE mattress protectors)

Eden Co-Sleeper Crib (with two FREE mattress protectors)


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Co-sleeping with bubs the safe way

As a parent you'll know how difficult it can be to put a newborn baby down in their own bed to sleep, let alone put them in a different room to sleep. It’s also a fact of life that newborns want to be right next to the smells, sounds and warmth of their parent. They settle, sleep and feed better that way.

Co-sleeping, meaning having bubs sleep in the same room as their parent, has been proven to reduce the chances of SUDI (Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy) and it is recommended that baby sleeps in the same room as a parent for the first 6-12 months of life.

Our Eden Co-Sleeping Crib allows you and your baby the comfort of sleeping side by side, while keeping baby in their own very safe, separate space.

Why purchase the Moose Eden Co-Sleeping Crib?

SAFETY: There is nothing more important than your baby’s safety. The Eden Co-Sleeping Crib meets the strict American Safety Standard ASTM F2194–22 for bassinets/cradles (there is no New Zealand or Australian safety standard). Our crib features the following essential safety features:

  • Secure attachment to your bed, so there is zero chance of creating a gap for baby to slip through.
  • Sturdy sides with no chance of them folding in if you roll against the sleeper.
  • Firm, flat (yet comfortable) single piece mattress that fits snugly into the base of the sleeper, preventing baby from rolling between the mattress and base.
  • Locking mechanism to prevent the sleeper from rolling away from the adult bed.
  • Mesh sides for good visibility, so you can keep an eye on bubs.
  • Breathable mesh sides with good ventilation in case baby rolls onto the sides.

The Eden Co-Sleeper is height adjustable to fit the height of almost any adult bed, using almost any type of standard mattress. If you have a non-standard sized bed, check the specs below. The wheels (lockable) on the feet allow you to easily move the co-sleeper from one bed, or room, to another. 

If you have a baby with reflux or a cold and wish to slightly raise one end of the crib, the height adjuster at each end of the crib allows you to set the baby’s head end up two settings. Baby’s head must always be positioned on the higher end.

COMFORT: Although the mattress is firm (and it must be for safety reasons), it is comfortable for baby. The generous size of our co-sleeper allows for growing babies. 

EASY MAINTENANCE: Let’s face it, babies leak from everywhere! Whether it’s spitting up milk or poopie pants, so you’ll be relieved to know the mattress has a machine-washable removable mattress protector. With your Eden Co-Sleeper you’ll also receive two fitted mattress protectors specifically made to fit our co-sleeper. For any projectile vomits, the material and mesh sides of the crib can be scrubbed clean and fresh. If necessary you can remove the entire cover from the crib for a thorough wash.

PORTABLE: With simple visual instructions this little gem goes up and down in a breeze. And although it’s solid and sturdy, the Eden Co-Sleeper is portable and moves easily around your home. It comes with a handy carrier bag for travel, holidays and easy storage.

When you’re not using your crib as a co-sleeper, you can zip up all the sides and use it as a regular portable crib moving it from one room to another, so you can keep a close eye on baby anytime, day or night.

HANDY STORAGE TRAY: Babies require a pile of ‘stuff’ which is why we’ve included a handy storage tray on the base of our co-sleeper. Store nappies, wipes, burb cloths, spare clothes and snacks for mum and dad.

Why is a Co-Sleeper the best choice?

Baby is close. He can hear, smell and sense you right next to him. Which means he'll be happier and more settled.

Convenience is key when you’re a tired parent. You can check on, comfort and feed him without getting out of your bed.

Safety is everything. A specifically-designed co-sleeping crib that meets all the safety standards is the safest co-sleeping option.



Baby Weight: birth to 9kg

Warranty: 12 months 

Materials: Cotton, Aluminum

Product Weight: 8kg


  • Crib: 93cm x 34cm x 56cm
  • Mattress: 83cm x 50cm x 3.5cm
  • Height: Suitable for an adult bed where the upper surface of the mattress is at a height between 54cm and 66cm from the floor.




What’s included?

  • Eden Co-Sleeper Crib
  • 2 x fitted mattress protectors, customized to fit
  • One padded mattress
  • Safety straps - to attach the co-sleeper to your bed base
  • Carrier/Storage bag
  • Simple visual instructions


How is the co-sleeper securely attached to the adult bed?

Using safety straps that are securely attached to the co-sleeper and wrap around the base of the adult bed.

What adult mattress/bed height can be used with the co-sleeper?

The co-sleeper has 7 height settings which means it fits almost all standard bed/mattress heights. This co-sleeper fits an adult bed where the upper surface of the mattress is at a height between 54cm and 66cm from the floor.



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