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VibraLITE Mini Vibrating Reminder Watch

VibraLITE Mini Vibrating Reminder Watch

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Looking for a solution to daytime accidents?

For over 25 years the VibraLITE range of watches have been helping people with discreet daily reminders. 

Whether your child needs reminding to take a toilet break or a medication dose, you can set this clever little watch for specific timed reminders throughout their day. A great way of encouraging independence!

Remind your child or family member to:

  • Take a toilet stop
  • Drink water throughout the day
  • Refocus back ‘on task’
  • Take medication
  • Check blood sugars
  • Attend music lesson on time
  • Wake up in the morning

An ideal tool to help support independence for the deaf, hearing and visually impaired and those with ADHD and Asperger's. 

Why is the VibraLITE a great choice?

Vibration or Sound, or both - set the watch to suit your needs. If your child prefers discreet reminders, set vibration only. If they'd prefer to hear the alarm too, set for both.

Lock-Out Feature - set the alarms once and lock the watch. This will avoid any 'accidental' setting changes.

Comfort Plus - lightweight and small in size, VibraLITE is suitable for a small adult or child's wrist, and won't interfere with rough & tumble play and sports action.

Easy-Peasy - text prompts help you set up your watch alarms. The digit size is large enough to read easily and this clever little watch even handles leap years!

Back Up Support - need help? We're on the end of the phone. Call John anytime on +64211905564 if you need help or have questions.

More Support - this watch comes with full, simple instructions and a FREE Tips for Success Guide for using a vibrating reminder watch.

Your Choice of Colours & Straps:

BLACK: Black watch with black nylon strap with stainless steel buckle - fits wrist 11-19cm

NEON PINK: Neon Pink watch with nylon hook & loop, sports-style strap - fits wrist 14-18cm

ORANGE/BLACK: Orange & Black watch with black nylon hook & loop, sports-style strap - fits wrist 14-18cm

CRISP WHITE: Bright Crisp White watch with white silicon comfort strap with stainless steel buckle - fits wrist 12.5-18.5am


Alarms: Set up to 12 reminders per day.
Suitable Age:
from around 4 years of age plus (fits most small adult wrists)
Watch Materials:
Polycarbonate (PC) with Stainless Steel Back Plate
Watch Crystal: Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
Battery: 1 X 3 Volt Lithium Model CR1632
Water Resistant: 5 ATM
Weight: 25grams

Avoid the nagging, reminding and reliance on others and help your child move towards independence.

For toilet reminders, set the alarm to vibrate; before the school bell goes, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and immediately after school ends. No more excuses! “When my VibraLITE vibrates, I gotta go!”

Customer Reviews

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Emma K
Highly recommend

We’re working on my son’s day time continence issues and the physio recommended one of these watches. We set it to remind him to go the toilet and drink water throughout the day. So far, so good. The quality is good and the instructions were good to follow too.

working well

We bought this watch for our son who has a kidney condition and needs to be reminded to drink plenty through his school day. It reminds him snd has made him independent. We no longer need to rely on his teacher to remind him. Good quality snd durable. Happy we paid a bit more to get the better quality watch.

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