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Sensor Briefs for Rodger Bedwetting Alarm

Sensor Briefs for Rodger Bedwetting Alarm

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Spare sensor briefs for Rodger Bedwetting Alarm...

Each Rodger Bedwetting Alarm system is purchased with 2, 3 or 4 sets of briefs. Additional briefs are useful in case your child wets multiple times a night, or you don't do laundry every day. ONE PAIR per pack.

Size/Style/Colour Guide:

5-7 year old (22-23" waist) Code:128
*Blue/Red/Purple/White Boxers for females or Blue/Red Boxers for males

8-10 year old (23-26" waist) Code:140
*Blue/Red/Purple Boxers for females or Blue/Red Boxers for males

11-12 year old (26-27" waist) Code:152
*Blue/Red Boxers for male or female

13+ (young adult) (27-29" waist) Code:164
*Red Boxers for male or female

Adult Medium (32"-34") Code:188
*Blue Boxers male/female

Adult Large (36"-38") Code:212
*Blue Boxers male/female

*Note regarding sizes, styles & colours: Please note that colours and styles vary depending on stock levels. Females can wear blue, red, white or purple boxers. Males can wear red or blue boxers or white briefs. The colour indicated in bold/italics above is currently what we have in stock.

Care Instructions:

Wash prior to use.

Remove transmitter prior to washing!

Hand or machine wash. Cold wash only.

DO NOT wring the briefs, as this will damage the sensing mechanism.

Hang to dry or use low temperature setting on dryer.

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