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Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm Useful Information

Please read BEFORE using alarm and KEEP for future reference.


  • Wash the pants before use. If you wish to test the pants, use a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in the water.
  • Pants can be washed in a washing machine but only on a COLD WASH
  • Do not wring the pants as this will damage the sensors.
  • Pants can go in a dryer on a low heat They will be damaged if left in the dryer for extended periods.
  • Pants will have a longer life if dried by hanging.
  • Warranty period for the pants is 3 months from date of purchase


  • The transmitter MUST BE REMOVED from the pants prior to washing. If the transmitter goes through the wash it will need to be replaced. Please note that the transmitter has a wet sensor like mobile phones so the manufacturer can see if it has been submerged. If the transmitter has found to be submerged, then the warranty is invalid. You can purchase a replacement transmitter separately.
  • The battery in the transmitter will last 3-4 months of continuous use and can be replaced with a watch type battery CR 2032 which is available at most supermarkets.
  • Once you have replaced the battery in the transmitter you will need to pair the transmitter to the base unit. This only needs to be done once each time a battery is replaced. Please follow your instruction manual for doing this.
  • Warranty Period for Transmitter 12 months from date of purchase


  • The base unit can be used with batteries but will not work if you plug it into the mains power with batteries in it. You can use one or the other.
  • Warranty Period for Base Unit is 12 months from date of purchase


If you have followed the above recommendations and need assistance please email and quote your order number and date of purchase.

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