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What's the right room temperature for baby?

You know yourself that when your bedroom is too hot or too cold, it's hard to get a good night's sleep. This is true for babies too. Making sure the room temperature is right for baby is important for keeping them safe, healthy and well-slept.

The best room temperature for baby's room is between 18˚C and 22˚C. Babies control their temperature predominantly through their face and head, so sleeping baby on their back with their head and face uncovered is the best way to protect baby from overheating.

To maintain baby's room at the right temperature you may want to use a heater with a thermostate set on the optimal temperature or use a nifty little device called a Room Monitor to help you keep things just right.

Not only is it important to keep an eye on the temperature in baby's room but also watch the humidity levels. The humidity level should be maintained around 40% - 60%. Why is the humidity level important? High humidity can encourage the growth of bacteria in the air and mold and mildew growth. A low humidity level can make the room feel colder and dry out nasal passages and cause cracked, itchy skin.

Check out Kelvin, our new All-in-One Room Monitor to help you maintain a healthy, safe room for baby to sleep.

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