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We're in LOVE with this Port-a-Cot!

Samantha & Baby Ollie review our 'Easy-Up Port-a-Cot' and they LOVE it!

We're in love with this port-a-cot! We were looking for something to put in our kitchen to keep bubs safe while we were cooking and this is perfect. With the breathable mesh sides it allows us to keep an eye on each other and also know that he will keep cooler in the hotter months.

I love that it's light in weight and compact in size so we can easily move it when cleaning or take it to another room or garden if needed. It doesn't seem to take up too much space in the kitchen which is perfect for us. It's large enough for him to entertain himself and stretch out in it, but not large enough to get in our way.

My 9 month old is happy to chill out in it playing with his toys, sit up, roll around, lie down, so he finds it super comfy. He can stand up in it and peek over the sides and the base fully supports him as it sits close to the floor, so the design is strong and sturdy.

The cushion on the bottom is well padded and comfortable, and I can quickly pop it out if I need to give it a quick wipe down.

The port-a-cot was super easy to assemble and set up, it only took me a couple of minutes to set up the first time and take it down. The instruction manual is tidily stored underneath in a pocket in case you ever needed a refresher. It's quick to pack back down and it comes in a bag with handles for when you want to store or transport it, pop it in the car to take to the beach/friends house.

I can see us taking this with us on holiday in the future as it's compact and easy to transport. We have used it in the garden a couple of times when I have been doing some gardening but wanted the security of knowing he was safe. It worked so much better then putting him in his pram as the porta-cot allowed him to move around and play to his heart's content.


Samantha Saunders

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