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Twins, Reuben & Oliver test drive our Moose Baby Walker

We were super excited to hear what Saffron, mum to our two gorgeous 'test-driver's' had to say about our Moose Baby Walker. Here is the unedited, version of her fabulously detailed feedback.

What do you like about the ‘look, quality and design’ of the walker?

First impression of the walker is that is looks expensive. The sizing and proportions of it are generous compared to other cart like walkers on the market, and the overall design of the handles that allow the child’s body to tuck underneath while using it means that it is cleverly designed. The blue colour is really beautiful making it a gender neutral toy that can become an heirloom item.

How did you find putting together the walker and the instructions?

Putting the walker together was incredibly easy. We did it in less than 5 minutes. (We opened the instructions retrospectively.)

Describe how your boys use the walker.

The twins LOVE playing with the Moose cart! It has been a point of much excitement.

My boys are 12 months old and have no issues pulling themselves up on the bars. I think they could have done this at a younger age also. They are not so low or high that they will grow out of it too fast, or not be able to use it from the recommended age. They have used it all over the house. They do love pushing each other in the cart, standing in the cart and using it like a skateboard, or just sitting in it! They haven’t quite cottoned on to putting things in the cart yet as a form of transport, other than themselves.

How do you find the rubber wheels? 

We love the big rubber wheels on the walker, it makes the motion incredibly smooth when your little one is pushing it. Compared to other walkers we have used with are entirely plastic, it is a lot more stable and has better overall motion.

What do you like from a safety aspect? 

Because of the design and the stability of the cart, it doesn’t tip over when your child goes to pull themselves up or speed away from them. I do like the fact the paint is non-toxic.

How can you see this walker helping your boys to learn to walk or gain independence?

I can see my child gaining confidence walking with tis toy due to the steadiness of it when it is used and the ergonomics of allowing the feet enough space to move under the handles. It allows their body is in a more comfortable position for walking.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The height of the walker of the thanks to the large wheels is excellent. It means it can go over the top of small toys.

The only downside of the walker is that it is heavier than your standard plastic walker and it does need adult supervision while they are still young to help them turn it around or to keep on a “path”.

Tell us if you’d recommend this product to others and why?

Overall I would recommend this walker to other parents as a learning to walk aide for their children. I think due to the design and of the walker, it will last longer and be used for longer than the other plastic ones on the market. It has uses beyond learning to walk as a toy as children get older. The large rubber wheels make it ideal for using outdoors on your lawn or at the park. The advantage of choosing a cart as a walker also encourages other children to play with it as well rather than it being a solo toy.


This is the perfect walker for your little one! It is beautiful, sturdy and ergonomically designed to allow your littles one’s body to stand at a comfortable position for walking. The big rubber wheels help to give your child confidence as they take their first steps with it, and soon you will find them speeding away. The cart design allows for open-ended and imaginative play for your little one, and any friends or siblings that may join them. I can see this toy being used in our house for a very long time and even generations to come. I highly recommend this to any parent who is looking for the perfect walker or toy for your child – you won’t be disappointed.

- Saffron (mum to twin boys)

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