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Super mum Amber reviews our Mini Moose Vibrating Reminder Watch

Why did you want to try this watch? 

My 6 year old girl with autism needs constant reminding to go to the toilet. She waits until she is busting and sometimes it's too late. I wanted her to use it at school. The teachers are having to remind her daily to go to the toilet.

What do you like about the watch?

  • The strap is comfortable.
  • The instructions are easy to follow.
  • The strength of the vibration is good.
  • The length of time the watch stays charged is good. 
  • It is easy to set up.

How well did the watch cope with everyday use?

The watch is brilliant. Our daughter is rough, and she clicks on the time button very often. It is easy to take off and to put back on. She sleeps with it on and the strap is very strong and durable.

How has the watch coped with moisture?

For everyday use such as washing her hands, there was no worry in this regard. However, she has not seemed to get it too wet as we told her from the start it is not water proof. She takes the watch off for swimming. She has played in the sandpit with it on. The watch has not been affected in any way.

Any other comments?

I would highly recommend this watch for other children who struggle with toilet stops. My daughter has autism and this has worked really well. The teachers have noticed, and we both agree this watch is a life saver. It has made her more confident and independent. She is becoming more aware of when she needs to go to the toilet with the help of this watch. Thank you so much. This watch has helped her in so many ways.


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