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One Mum's Relief Story...

I sometimes look back at the years since being a parent and much of it seems like a blur. At each age and stage, there’s a new challenge and with the years that go by I understand that each phase will pass and then there’s a new set of challenges to face. I have to say though, the bedwetting phase for us has been a biggie. People kept saying, “he’ll grow out of it”. But we kept waiting and waiting, and he just wasn’t showing any signs of growing out of it. We were head to foot in washing every morning, which is hard-going in the middle of winter trying to get bedding washed and dried. We were sick of it and so was our 6-year-old. He wet so heavily that the pull-up wouldn’t contain the wee. We seriously tried EVERYTHING to get him dry. We tried restricting his drinks at night, lifting him to the toilet. We even offered to buy him a new bike if he could stop wetting. But he still couldn’t stay dry. It wasn’t his fault. 

Like most mums, I started googling for answers. I came across a free e-book on the moosebaby website and it answered a lot of questions. I realised there were some proactive things we could be doing to end the bedwetting. Once we’d ruled out a few health factors (like no UTI’s or constipation), we increased his water intake during the day and set ourselves up with a bedwetting alarm, we felt we were on the right track.  

We opted for the Oopsie Heroes Bedwetting Alarm. It seemed to tick all the boxes and the reviews I read about it were good. When we were looking for an alarm there were lots that looked kinda scary, but this one seemed kid-friendly.

When the alarm arrived, he was super-excited to get going with it. We were all desperate for some dry nights. It was easy to set up and he liked the idea of using the app. We had fun setting with the alarm sounds and recording our voice to use as a wake-up alarm. 

Our son is a deep-sleeper which we think was part of the problem. He sleeps through everything. At first he slept through the alarm going off, but because we’d read the e-book, we knew this was common and we knew we’d need to wake him for a while. By night 4 his brain clicked and he woke by himself. Each night the alarm went off we helped him wake up enough to switch off the alarm and finish off weeing in the toilet. At first it was like getting up to a newborn again. Hard-going! But we were determined and knew it would be worth the effort.

We headed into our second week and we had our first dry night. When he woke in the morning, he was stoked and super-proud of himself. We were up and down a bit for another week, but by the third week we hit a turning point. Dry, dry and dry, every night! The relief! Why hadn’t we tried this earlier?!? We kept using the alarm until he had two full weeks of dry nights in a row.

For any parent dealing with soaking wet sheets every day, you’ll appreciate the relief. It’s not only the wet bed, as they get older it was a problem for sleepovers and camping holidays. All that worry has now gone.

I’d totally recommend this alarm. Jane from Moosebaby asked me to write a review and I was more than happy to do so. Honestly, if you were like us, and ready for a solution, don’t hesitate.

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