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NEW 'Can Do Cup' can do...

Kirsty and her adorable little girl test drive our new Can Do Cup.  Here’s what they had to say.

My daughter (17 months) is ready to move on from a sippy cup and drink more water, but she has a bit of difficulty with a normal cup and often pours a lot on herself or the floor, which is why we volunteered to try out the Can Do Cup.

On opening the box I immediately liked the nice, smooth surface of the cup, it is stable to place down, and it’s bright and eye catching for my daughter.

This cup doesn’t accidentally get knocked over. The stable three foot design of the cup definitely helps avoid spilling and tipping accidents. 

I wanted this cup to help my daughter learn to drink from an open cup without spilling so much down her front. It has definitely minimised this but hasn’t yet totally eliminated it, so she is still learning but that’s to be expected.

The Can Do Cup is made from clear material which makes it easy to see how full it is. I can guide my daughter when drinking, see how much is flowing into her mouth and adjust by holding the extra arm myself.

The cup is easy to clean and the instructions are simple to follow.  I like how stable it is due to the three tripod legs which are grippy on the bottom. These features have stopped it being knocked over so easily.

My only dislike would be the amount of room in takes up in a cupboard/draw due to the legs, but we like using it, so we can put up with that.

I think the Can Do Cup is perfect for babies learning to drink...probably age 1 - 2 depending on their development/ability level.

We have used non spill cups in to past which are easy and don't let baby make spills but those cups also don't teach any skills for drinking from an open cup as they require suction for water to flow. I think this cup is a great step between first baby sip cup and normal cup for toddlers.

I would definitely recommend the Can Do Cup. My daughter loves using it and is drawn to the bright and eye catching design. Even my older child wants to drink from it as it is new and exciting.  I think it’s great for allowing a bit of independence without quite as much mess for mum to clean up afterwards.

Little Luca Can Do Cup can be purchased online here at MOOSE or Baby City stores nationwide.

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