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Hear what Rene thinks about our new Warm Ease

One of our lovely mums, Rene volunteered to try out and review our new Warm Ease Heated Baby Belt. Her newborn baby, Heather-Belle was suffering from wind and colic and like any mum she was looking for a solution to help ease Heather-Belle’s sore tummy. Here’s her feedback:

Why did you volunteer to try Warm-Ease?

From around 2 weeks old, Heather-Belle would cry, go bright red and draw her knees up in pain for hours. We had tried everything but in the end only a warm bath seemed to comfort her, the problem was we couldn’t constantly keep her in a warm bath! I thought Warm-Ease might be able to comfort her the same way a bath would.

What do you think of the design and quality of the product?

The Warm-Ease is absolutely gorgeous with its bright colours and cute animal design. The cover is super soft and the velcro is really strong so it doesn’t come loose or weaken after multiple uses. It’s the perfect size for her wee belly and easily adjusts as she grows. 

How easy is Warm-Ease to use?

Super simple instructions and very easy to use. Just pop the gel pad in the microwave! I did find we had to shorten the heat time as it came out too hot when heated to the suggested time. We have a 750W microwave so you need to keep that in mind.

How has the Warm-Ease helped your baby?

Warm-Ease has been a lifesaver! It’s like a portable bath. The lovely warmth gives her such great relief from the symptoms of colic. I pop it on before her feeds and before I lay her on her back to go to bed, the times when she usually suffers from colic the most. It works well to keep the pain under control every time, I do have to get it on before the pain starts for the best relief. 

How will you use your Warm-Ease in the future once your baby has grown?

I’ll use it as an ice pack once my daughter starts cruising around! It’s the perfect size for little people bumps and bruises. 

Would you recommend Warm-Ease to others?

100% recommend

5 stars

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