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8 Top Tips for Success using your Vibrating Reminder Watch

In a busy world your child has a lot going on and remembering stuff can be hard. Vibrating reminder watches are designed to discreetly remind your child to perform a task. Daily routines such as taking a toilet stop, a hydration break or taking medication are all vital for good health and well-being. With a little help, your child can be encouraged to become independent using a vibrating reminder watch.

Here are some simple tips for success:

  1. Take your time with your child to explain the purpose for using the watch. Be positive!
  1. Get your child excited about using their new watch. Depending on their age, you and your child might like to choose a fun name for the watch. The ‘wiggle-watch’, ‘wobbly-watch’, ‘buzzer-band’.
  1. Show your child how to put the watch on and gently take it off without pulling at the strap. Teach your child the basic functions of the watch (only as much as you want them to know).
  1. Explain how to care for the watch including the importance of taking it off before swimming, showering or getting in the bath.
  1. Choose a special place to keep the watch when it is not being worn. This will help you keep tabs on it.
  1. Include all important people in your conversations around the use of the watch (teachers, caregivers, medical professionals).
  1. Consider using rewards or incentives for following the alarm alerts.
  1. Clearly explain to your child what to do when the alarm vibrates (i.e go straight to the toilet, take 3 big gulps of water, test your blood sugars, go to room 3 for your music lesson). Be very specific.

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