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10 Hacks to make Bath Time more fun!

Rub-a-dub-dub, we're here with ideas for fun in the tub!

1. Add a drop of food colouring to your bath.
2. Freeze water (with a drop of food colouring) in odd shaped containers. Once frozen, add to bath.
3. Grab a plastic funnel, some plastic tubing and recycle some plastic bottles and let your child create!
4. Throw in some big plastic blocks (like Duplo).
5. Raid your kitchen – colander, sieve, strainer, scoops and plastic tongs are all fun.
6. Blow up some balloons (add a little water inside each balloon before you blow up).
7. Children love spray bottles. Use recycled bottles or buy inexpensive ones.
8. Turn off the lights, add submersible LED lights and stick some glow stickers on the wall.
9. Buy some inexpensive hair mousse or shaving cream. For more fun, add some drops of food colouring.
10. Make natural home made bath bombs.

Oh, and our fav recommendation of all? Get yourself a Tubimal Bath Tub. This clever, cute little tub comes with a handy baby hammock, so when your newborn is tiny (and slippery) they'll be cradled and safe. Use for your toddler years and then add the lid for handy toy storage.

And the important safety notice:
Collect everything you need before putting your child in the bath and ALWAYS SUPERVISE YOUR CHILD NEAR WATER.

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