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Backseat car mirror

See-My-Baby Back Seat Car Mirror

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See your baby at a glance...

This clever little product from Moose allows you to see your baby safely while driving. Simply glance in your rear vision mirror to check on your baby.

Features include:

  • Simple attachment to any backseat headrest.
  • 360 degree rotation for easy positioning.
  • Shatter-proof for added safety.
  • Easy-adjustable strap for simple attachment.
  • Rotates smoothly for the perfect angle.
  • Lightweight & durable for taking on holiday.


Brand: MOOSE



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Great Reassurance

    My child hates the car seat so its great reassurance that she is ok and nothing is wrong with her. It attaches well to headrest and will fit any car. Large clear mirror gives perfect reflection. I can see a clear reflection of her and I don't need to pull vehicle over when she cries. I use this everyday, its permanently in the car. Its so much easier to see her and know she is ok, head resting correctly, no vomit, sleeping or awake.

    Low quality on the rotating joint

    Dissapointing. Only after 6 months, the 360⁰ joint got loose and the mirror suddenly fell off. Luckily my baby wasn't on her car seat, it could have lead to something worse.

    I'm so sorry to hear part of your backseat car mirror needed a replacement part. What a shame you didn't contact us. Our phone number and email address is visible all over our website. We could have had a replacement part sent to you on an overnight shipping service and could have solved your problem so easily. Our backseat car mirror is our best selling product. We've been selling this item for over 8 years and have only ever had a handful of parts to replace. I assume the sun has broken down the plastic. As a small business we really appreciate a customer contacting us to help solve any problems. Nothing is ever 100% perfect, 100% of the time :) We're here to help :) All the best - Jane

    Olivia Gray
    Great Mirror

    We brought out baby girl home from the hospital last week and it brought us such amazing peace of mind be able to see her in the mirror the whole way home. The mirror is clear and really easy to install, and feels safe attached the the headrest. I would definitely recommend this mirror to others, and will buy it as a gift for people having babies in the future

    Best back seat mirror ever!

    We tried many different mirrors but they all seemed to be too small, moved out of place too easily, or too hard to see the child in because it either showed a distorted image or couldn't position it in the best position to see baby. Finally we bought the Moose See-My-Baby mirror and it solved all of our issues. It attached easily to the headrest, it was easy to position it so that we could see baby and it didn't impair our view out the back window, and it didn't move out of position easily with the constant moving of the child in and out of their seat (plus little feet kicking it barely moved it). We now buy our friends one of these as a gift when they find out they are expecting so they don't have to go through the same trial and error we did.

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